An Instagram Worthy Saturday Spent at Merci


An Instagram Worthy Saturday Spent at Merci

A deeper dive on a what a concept store is really all about.

In Paris Day Two,  I mentioned that concept stores are all about a consistent theme eventually evoking a lifestyle. I spent a lovely, instagram worthy Saturday morning at a well known concept store, Merci. Merci is focused on a "high end" vintage lifestyle. As I assume a concept store would, they really hone in on the vintage part. 


After shopping you could go sit in there cafe and enjoy some coffee, while sitting next to a bookshelf wall. The vintage element remained a consistent theme of the store. Even if items were new they had vintage feel. As a vintage lover, this store was one of my favorite things about Paris and a place I will be keeping in mind for the future. 

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As you walk through you notice it is put together like a magazine. I wanted to walk out with a new wardrobe, a fully furnaced apartment, and a whole new lifestyle.  My favorite section of the store besides the beautiful jewelry was a section dedicated to center pieces. It had beautiful glass and flowers arranged inside some. Rustic painted lights hung from the ceiling and the vintage tile print on the wall behind tied everything together.


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