hidden paradise

   amongst the city.

Sometimes being in the city can be overwhelming with everyone always on the go… it’s almost like they forget how to be grounded. I am thankful for all the hidden places I’m finding throughout the city that give the balance I need. One of my favorite places so far has been The Roof Gardens.

When I say hidden I am not joking. From the street, my flatmates and I  kind of felt like we were at the wrong place because it looks just like any other building in the city. Walking in we mention we’re looking for the roof gardens and they send us up to the seventh floor.  Walking out of the elevator we walk through what I assumed as the club area that is closed during the day.  We make it out to the garden and immediately are drawn to a little pawn with flamingos and ducks. 

Around he corner we reach another gardens that provides a terrace with comfy seating to sit with a loved one or even if you come to come sketch, or just reflect when you need the escape from the world. Honestly felt such a tropical vibe*change word* with the coastal colour scheme and palm trees, but yet had a couple of signs the season was fall with changing and falling leaves. 

I love the idea of being secluded from the world and enjoying the the moment. I defiantly see this becoming apart of my weekly routine while here on London. What is your favorite place to go relax and reflect? 

Xx atl

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