Day two was much more eventful. We started our day at the farmers market close to our hotel. Enjoying the vibrant fruits, flowers and different vendors. We did the Parisian thing to do and got a crepe for breakfast. My favorite vendor was one that sold healing crystals as rings and necklaces. I ended up getting rose quartz and Green aventurine rings. I love to carry my rose quartz around with me, so why not have a ring?  We headed to a park in the heart of Paris and enjoyed tons of cheese and baguettes. Needless to say I stayed away from the stinky cheeses.


That evening we wandered through Montmartre and visited Sacre Coeur, known as the artists quarter. Sacre Coeur stands at the top of the hill and you get amazing views of Paris. After enjoying the view we enjoyed gelato on the walk back to the hotel. 

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After all the cheese testing we headed to see some concept stores. For those of you who don’t know concept stores are shops focused on selling curated selections of products connecting with a general theme or eventually evoking a lifestyle. Its all about the mood, the experience, and the product with concept stores and honestly, its my kind of shopping.  We decided to check out L’Eclaireur and an Adidas concept store, No. 42 (@no42_paris). While visiting No. 42 I was able to tempt myself into buying some taupe trainers to add to my nude wardrobe transition that I’ve been talking about for what seems like forever.  We also got invited to a party happening at No.42 later that night. Check out that blog over in lifestyle!

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