You know the first day of school jitters when you cannot go to sleep because you are so excited? That was me the night before Paris because I was beyond excited to be back in the city that told me I wanted to be in the design field. 


I started bright and early with a train ride from London to Paris. The train ride was about 3 hours but felt like forever well, because.. Its Paris. I used the train ride to catch up on some podcasts and new albums on Spotify. I was way too restless to sleep. As soon as we got there we zoomed through the train station, where I realized I did not pack light and had a broken wheel on my luggage. Tragic, but I didn't let that slow me down. 

We rushed to the hotel a little to early, because our rooms were not quite ready but they let us store our luggage somewhere safe till they were. Once we left out luggage it was time for the adventure to begin! Our first destination was food, which is not hard to find in Paris. Paris is esstentially food everywhere and every corner, its kind of hard to decide where to eat actually.  We ended up Produits De Qualité and had pasta and burgers.


After lunch we decided to take a boat trip down Seine River and got the perfect view of the city we would be exploring the next few days. The view never gets old and is hard to describe because I'm in awe each time. I cannot help but get the feeling I belong here each time. The atmosphere, architecture, and history just flows through the air and keeps your attention the whole time. 

Later on we headed over to a makeup store where we enjoyed a little discount off the entire store thanks to one of our teachers. I've been wanting some new nude lip sticks so this gave me an excuse to splurge on some. I love a good  nude or brown lipstick for the fall.

After all the makeup shopping we thought it was time for some dinner and headed to Corner Haussmann where I swear I had the best burger I've ever had in my life! Definitely recommend. The first night ended with a walk and tube ride back to the hotel to catch up on all the sleep I missed the night before, because tomorrow was a new day..

xx atl


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