Visions with Visionaries


VisIon with


The last Saturday of 2017 was spent the right way, at the Roosevelt coffee house with coffee, creativity, and boss ass babes! For so long I’ve been trying to form some kind of girl gang in Columbus and get Boss Babes together to connect, create, and support each other. I was doing some thinking and planning during the last week of 2017 and thought if not now, then when?  And immediately planned something for that Saturday before the new year.I went full force with the boss babes unite thing around my social medias to try to bring in the new year being creative with some boss babes! I got a lot of people saying they would come/ would love to come to the next one. With the year ending and inspiration from blogger, youtuber, and designer Haley from @styledbased. I was inspired to have a vision board party. I have been doing them for about 3 years now as a way to keep me focused on what I want to accomplish. A vision board party only seemed right to host with the new year coming up.

We sipped coffee an and chatted about what inspires us, what we wanted to do for the new year, and used the conversations to help us envision our year coming up. It was so great to sit and chat with like minded individuals and to be honest I never felt so inspired to work for my goals after the party ended.  This is something I plan on keeping alive in my life and I’ve decided to host an event once a month for boss babes to come together, to create, or get inspired. Like a little unofficial girl power group to get us to keep us motivated and accountable for our goals. So everyone who couldn’t make it to the first event— don’t worry, there will be more. 

xx atl