What 2017 Taught Me

If you follow me on twitter, you know I keep a chain of tweets throughout the year of things that really spoke to me. This year,  like no other, I did the same, but there were 5 quotes in particular that spoke to me. I came across them right when I needed them, and each taught me something special. Here is a list of the greatest lessons I learned in 2017.

1. “There are secret opportunities hidden in every failure.”

This year I began to take every failure as a lesson and chose to learn from it. I learned so much from things that went wrong and got better opportunities then the one that I thought was the perfect for me. Learning to trust the universe and that sometimes my plan needs a different route; the universe was already on it. Understanding that the universe is on my side, not against me, was the best lesson. 


3. “Comparison kills Individuality.”

This past year I stopped comparing myself to everyone else. I focused on the fact that not everyone is on the same journey as me; everyones journey is set to a certain paste for a reason. I slowed down trying to rush projects and trying to succeed like everyone else, something I thought was helping me become better but realized it was somewhat hindering my growth. Trusting my process and journey and slowing down to smell the roses became apart of my day to day.

2. “Invest in yourself I promise you can afford it — you’re worth it.”

This year I spent a lot of time investing in myself. Whether that was on my wellbeing with reading , doing yoga, and/or meditating everyday for 5-10 minutes, I truly made an effort to taking time to relearn myself.  This quote along with the last two go together simultaneously. As I began to focus on what was worth investing in for myself and what I needed to do to grow as a person for myself.

4. “Don’t settle for vibrations that don’t move you.” & “Spend time with people who pour water on your fears and insecurities and gasoline on your dreams”

 I feel like these two went hand-in-hand but still needed to be said. I always said 2017 was the year of growing, and I meant it. Part of growing meant growing apart from some of the people I thought were going to be in your life forever, but sometimes people have expiration dates. You no longer fuel each other the right way; thats okay. It doesn’t mean you leave on bad terms. Learn to disconnect and love from afar.  This one ties to everything in life: relationships, jobs, and even yourself. I stepped back and decided what are the things that really moved me and what pushes me. I let go of a lot of energy that was just not serving me a purpose. I was not giving my best in for the end result to solely help all affected. But mostly for myself.. I was a little selfish with my time, space, and energy this year and this is something that I am more so proud of. I know what moves me and what is for me versus trying to be for everything and wearing myself thin. 

xx atl