Internships are on everyones mind during college and not getting one seems like the end of the world sometimes. But whether you're at the perfect internship or not during the summer, I think there is always a time to practice and really hone in on your craft. Here is 6 tips I swear by and that helped me get my first internship!



  1. Always look for good opportunities. Something I think everyone focuses on is getting that one perfect internship and although I think its always good to have a goal in mind, sometimes its better to work your way there. I believe any internship in the creative field is a great experience for someone. If it is not that “dream” internship it’s still something helping you grow as a creative, look at things in a different light, and prepares you for you're dream job.

  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is so important to do your research on the company before going to the interview. You never want to seem uninterested and uneducated about their work. Remember you're trying to show them why they need you on the team and that you're all in!

  3. Resume is KEY. One thing I think helped my interview process is a clean and aesthetically pleasing resume, focused on what I wanted to do. I like creative resumes for creative fields but remember to know your audience and have a plain one made just incase. 

  4. Tailor your portfolio!! Focus your portfolio on the position and area you are interviewing for. For instance if you are applying for a lingerie position add key lingerie projects that show your strength . 

  5. Dress for the job! Remember you want to remind them you are right for position so don't go in just anything. Take time to pick the right outfit. The greatest advice I got before my internship is the fashion industry isn't so formal any more and you don't want to show up too corporate. When I headed to a lingerie company to interview I wore a slip dress with a turtleneck under and some sock booties. I felt like this was the perfect outfit to represent my personal style mixed with the companies I was interviewing with. 

  6. Do your own project! This is a tip that I swear by because I honestly think it is what got me my first internship as a sophomore. I've heard some companies have you do a project for them after the interview but I took time to do a project for the company I was interviewing for and brought it to the interview. They loved it. I really think it showed them that I was determined and fit for the job. 

xx atl