Along with my detox I wanted to focus on something on a personal level that I seemed to always struggle with.  I’ve hesitated about writing this honestly, but I think everybody deals with this a little bit throughout their life, some more than others.

Focusing on self love and staying positive was a big goal of mine this summer.  For so long I have focused on making other people happy to bring myself happiness. This summer I wanted to be selfish and focus on flourishing myself. Self love is SO SO SO SOOOOOO important and this journey I’ve taken made me realize why certain things did not work in the past or why I let myself talk myself out of doing something because I thought wasn’t  “good enough.” I was drowning in my own negativity and not even being a positive influence on myself of my own good. I’m honestly ashamed, but this part of my journey has helped me grow so much.

A lot of my journey had to do with reading the book Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and if you’re a lover of poetry, I encourage you to read it. Its an amazing book. I couldn’t just read it fast and get it over with I had to sit and reflect over what I had read. I think I sticky noted almost every poem so I could go back if I needed to but that kind of defeated the purpose.. 

Along with the book I also created a list of 15 things about myself and I put it somewhere I can see everyday and go to it in times of doubt. I use to doubt myself and put myself down constantly and started to realize how much that was affecting me on a day to day and how I was missing out on opportunities that would have been good for me. I was just being mean to myself and it was reflecting on my whole life. 

Treat yourself like the Queens and Kings you are. You seriously can do anything you put your mind to and even when I was doubting myself 24/7 I proved it to myself. The changes I’ve made has helped me so much. I love being the positive soul I strive to be everyday. I’m constantly reminding myself to stay positive love myself, and express random acts of kindness to others every day. My “homework” for you guys is to send me your favorite quote from the book and write your own list of 15 great traits about yourself and stick it somewhere you can see everyday. On that note, I’ll leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes from the book

“The way you love yourself is

how you teach others 

to love you”

- Rupi Kaur 

xx atl♥

SELF LOVEAlanta Slone